Monday, 04 March 2024
تحقیقاتی اور ڈیجیٹل صحافت کی دنیا میں انقلابی قدم --- اس کی کوریج ، جس کی کوئی کوریج نہیں کرتا --- ظلم ، ناانصافی کے خلاف برسرِپیکار

Grow Organic Food Workshop Held at Kinnaird College by Botany Department in Collaboration with ORIC and Green Youth Movement Club

 (By Syed Qasim Bukhari )

 Lahore:- Department of Botany, Kinnaird College for Women hosted a workshop regarding the importance and necessity of growing organic food. The workshop started with an opening note by the Principal of Kinnaird College Dr Rukhsana David followed by the address of Vice principal Dr Nikhat Khan and Head of Department of Botany Ms. Shanila Bokhari, ORIC, Green Youth Movement Club and Ms. Sana Akhtar from Environmental Sciences Department was in charge of this successful event.


The objective of the workshop was to provide a platform and to create awareness about the importance of kitchen gardening and organic food under the umbrella of Botany Department and Green Youth Movement Club. Scholars were also present there to discuss and share their latest research and activities on organic food. It also provided an opportunity for researchers, scholars, and students from different fields and industry to come together for broader collaboration in areas of common interest. Stall for vegetable and flavoring seeds were arranged at that

Event and Tea was served for Guest.


Guests from different universities were invited to incorporate information about edible gardens and awareness for Go green under the umbrella of Green Youth Movement Club.

Dr. Mubeen Sarwer from Punjab University, Ms. Ghazal Rahim from department of Horticulture and Landscaping Govt. of Punjab and professors from different universities participated in this event.

       University of Punjab

       Center of Excellence of Molecular Biology (CEMB)

       Govt. College Lahore

        Lahore College for women university

       Department of Floriculture and Landscaping Govt. of Punjab


Participants and guests highly appreciated the organizing committee and congratulated them on such a big success.